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BnT: Ayanami, Chouko by Mr-Hatta BnT: Ayanami, Chouko by Mr-Hatta

"A small community like this... who knew I would end up back here?"

            Name: Ayanami, Chouko ( 綾波  蝶子)
            Nickname: Chouko, Cho
            Gender: Female 

            Weight: 124 lbs (56 kg)
            Birthday: August 8th (08/08)
            Blood type: B-
            Height: 5'7" (170 cm)

            Age: 17
            Grade: III
            Club: Cooking , Yamakawa Newspaper

    || Headstrong || Wild || Virtuous || Compassionate || Cynical || Candid || Sassy || 

            Chouko has always been considered by others to be a “different” sort of person due to her blunt and nearly nonconforming personality. She is overzealous, brash, strong-willed and stubborn, yet she understands these are all parts that make up her as a person. This understanding leaves Chouko a bit cynical when it comes to herself and others, yet it also gives her one of her best personality traits of being a rather sympathetic individual. Chouko is protective of those who she believes needs her help thus unwittingly she spends quite a lot of her time and effort speaking her mind and upkeeping her sense of justice. Many take her self-righteousness to be a tad devilish in nature, especially when she seems almost threatening, but the girl is essentially harmless as she is just erratic with her words. She can also be deeply passionate, fun-loving, and even noble at times, but it’s often unseen behind her curt remarks. She is a force to be reckoned with, especially when her competitive nature rises, and is also proof that a strong personality doesn’t always make you a bad person.

            Amongst her peers Chouko is not very popular or well liked due to her unwanted curt snippets, but is still rather sociable and keeps up with others enough that she isn't out of the loop. Due to her constant attitude time spent in her company is often never dull, unless you make it a point to her that you don’t want her around. Like many people, she gets a bit spiteful when she feels someone is threatening or being rude to her, but she does not lash out unless she sees it to be an actual issue. When socializing she can be easily swayed by a genuine smile from a kouhai, or driven into a competitive frenzy when challenged in an arena she is confident in. She even will consciously tone down her outbursts if she can feel the need to be considerate however she will not lie through her teeth just to soften a bad situation since she finds it to be a bit coddling.

  •  Fluffy hair || Cute girls who cook || Deserts ||  Flowers || Blowing bubblegum || Fried mackerel || Human form || Watching others eat || Action flicks || Cute cellphone charms || Gap moe || Poetry || Pop music  || Shrimp chips  || Cool temperatures || Well-done archery || Powder snow || Butterflies
  • Goat cheese || Scrambled eggs || Possums || Cicada songs || Cubism || Orange || Cleaning || Things beyond her control || Ghost stories  || Broken dishes || Most manga || Stick legs || Summer heat  || Invasion of personal space || Cheesey romance || Summer heat || Gore || Dirt under nails


    There is a saying that no matter how hard you try, you can never truly leave the place your heart knows as home. That seems to be the case for Chouko, who was born and raised in the city of Koshu, whom despite her initial decision to stay in Tokyo has moved back to her childhood home. She used to live with her parents in her grandmother’s large home when she was a bit younger and was often left to play with her younger cousin Eiji for prolonged periods of time as the adults worked tirelessly. Chouko’s grandmother owns a micro-winery, which is a place that fermented wine after purchasing grapes from another independently owned business, and even when Chouko was very young she could remember crushing grapes beneath her toes as something she did for the business. When Chouko turned eleven, however, she and her mother moved to Tokyo to chase after a job opportunity for teaching that none of them could refuse.

    While she was away, Chouko did come back to see her father plenty of times but she lost track of the community she once knew well and started feeling quite out of touch with the place she long considered to be home. She wasn’t fitting in with her friends in Tokyo either though, and although she adored her mother, she decided when she turned sixteen that she’d move back to Koshu to live with her father again. When she returned she was well-received by her family, but she’s slowly had to adjust from living the high-paced Tokyo-lifestyle back towards the much kinder and forgiving pace the countryside had to offer. She enrolled in highschool just in time for the second half of her second year, and is now moving onto her third.

    In school, Chouko is apart of the cooking and newspaper clubs for various reasons. She’s associated herself with the newspaper club due to the fact that since her mother was a Japanese professor, she was quite good at spotting grammatical errors and it gave her the one-club mandatory requirement that she needed for school (Even if she did not input anything into the newspaper itself). She did not join the cooking club until the start of her third year because she did not feel the reason to, but her interest was piqued after spending her home economics class with a few of the cooking club girls, and she finally joined upon a little insisting. Since then she's kept up a bit of a routine, but her school life is just flavorful enough to keep her getting up in the morning with a smile.

  • Ayanami 綾波, Kiyomi 清海 (38) 
        Chouko's mother who is one of the most interesting women alive- she married a younger man, had a child, but still went to a prestigious university to become a Japanese professor. She still lives in Tokyo, in the suburbs of Kugayama, because she wasn't ready to give up her passion just yet. Despite living apart she and her husband are still quite lovey-dovey.
    Ayanami 綾波, Tohru 徹 (36)
         Her father, who is a meek sort of man with just a highschool education under his belt. He works officially underneath Kiyomi's mother at her micro-winery and does a lot of the heavy lifting for barrels and the like. He is quite comfortable with his lifestyle but wishes to see his wife more.
    Ayanami 綾波, Yoshiyuki 吉行 (69)
         Tohru's father and Chouko's grandfather. He is an extremely stubborn man who doesn't know how to take no for an answer. This clashing ideals with his ex-wife, Riko, led to their divorce about twenty years or so ago. He still lives in Koshu and is surprisingly doting on Chouko.
    Ariyasu 有安, Riko 理子 (63)
         Tohru's mother and Chouko's grandmother, who lives alone in Kumagaya, about two hours away from Koshu in the Saitama prefecture. She still comes to visit Tohru, Kiyomi, and Chouko when she can, but she likes to stay away from Yoshiyuki as much as she can. She's actually childhood friends with Akira and still sends him letters to this day.
    Shoda 正田, Isuzu 依鈴 (61)
         Kiyomi's mother and Chouko's grandmother. She is the most outspoken and hardworking person and the family and single-highhandedly owns the Shoda family micro-winery. She and Chouko sometimes don't get along because they have extremely similar personalities, but in the end they both understand how to respect each other as family.
    Shoda 正田, Akira 亮 (61)
         Kiyomi's father and Chouko's grandfather. He works with Isuzu with the winery, but isn't afraid to admit that Isuzu is the boss of the operation. He's a kind-hearted man who isn't afraid of a good laugh and likes to have fun. When Chouko was little, Akira would sneak her and Eiji snacks under the counter and buy them toys when he could.
    Hanabusa 藍堂, Miyu 美夕 (33)
         Miyu is Kiyomi's younger sister who lives happily in Koshu with her husband, Senri. She is an uppity person who isn't afraid to have fun and let loose a bit. She is actually infertile and cannot have children- something she's quite embarrassed about, but doesn't mind so much since she married Senri and got Eiji for a son. 
    Hanabusa 藍堂, Senri センリ (34)
         Miyu's husband and is a quiet but strong-willed sort of person. Chouko actually looks up to him a lot and spends a lot of her time working with him on various projects involving the winery and his own business. His gentle silence is something that is admired a lot in the family and many people look up to him.
    Hanabusa 藍堂, Eiji 栄治 (17)
         He is Senri's illegitimate child from a fling he had in high school with a woman named Nori (法). Although he carries no blood relation to the Shoda family he is easily beloved by everyone- and is also Isuzu's favorite grandchild. He and Chouko were raised a lot like siblings since Senri married Miyu when Eiji was five. He is also a second-year at Yamakawa high school.
    Ryouma, Torako 
          Childhood friend. She hardly remembers her- but from what she remembers Torako was a piece of work and an interesting person.

            Additional Info: 
  • - Her name is written Chou (butterfly) and Ko (child).
    - She shares a voice with Shiraishi Ryoko.
    - She is surprisingly delicate when it comes to being 'friends'. It's a big deal for her.
    - Although she's a good cook herself, she is mostly in the cooking club to be fed other girl's cooking. It's not something she's focused in.
    - She does not have a hobby she actively partakes in so she spends a lot of time dedicated to her studies.
    - Chouko likes to snack when she's nervous.
    - Archery is something she admires the most, and she loves to watch skilled individuals draw their bow. She's a bit too shy to say this outright, as she's awful at the art.
    - Also a huge sucker for compliments.
    - She is above average height, but not naturally gifted when it comes to curves. She wants to get muscle to at least not look like a twig, but can't keep an average workout routine to save her life.
    - Chouko thinks the school uniform is refreshingly cute compared to the ones she saw back home.
    - She has visable tanlines from spaghetti straps and shorts, and likes to cover them up as much as she can.
    - Despite her general laziness, she is holding on to a part-time job at a grocery store as a bagger. She doesn't really need to, but she feels that she needs the experience under her belt.

"I don't say things I don't mean. I don't do things unless I want to. That's my policy."

"I only have good grades because I eat brains for breakfast, obviously."

hahahahah what  am i doing joining a competitive group like this ahh im going to rOT in MY gRAVE
anyway the underlined words have commets when you hover over them
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